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Recipe for Disaster

       1 young man, raw and eager for approval
       2 inexperienced, giggling sisters
       6 influential buddies (add more to taste)
       cup laughter
       a pinch or two of hormones
       1 ex-girlfriend (optional)

To Prepare:
       Find a cool, semi-dark place. Separate sisters
and store. Surround young man w/friends. Throw in
laughter & a pinch testosterone. Allow mixture to
separate after a good stir. Pull out young man and
mix w/each sister separately. Add hormones
generously and allow to sit one evening in a dark,
secluded area. Combine ex-girlfriend & buddies in
large mixing bowl, let gossip. Add young man. Slowly
bring mixture to a boil while beating together sisters
on low. Add sisters to boiling mixture when ex begins
to seethe. Stir occasionally, serve hot. Feeds entire
school. Freeze leftovers in airtight container for later

Anna and friends--Churchill High School
tasting heaven

     back, forth,
     forth, back.
swing higher.
     back, forth, back
lean back and touch the sky
with your toes.
     forth, back.
wiggle your sandy toes
     in between the clouds
catch rays of sun
     back, forth, back, forth
close your eyes and forget the ground.
soar like the eagles
     with sunshine in between your toes.
open your mouth,
     youre tasting heaven.
Anna, 17, in Denmark  with her grandparents
I listen.
        You may not think so, but
I listen.
                  even when you arent speaking,
        I can hear you crying out.
And I weep inside
        for you.
But I could never tell you so.
        So many things
        I cannot say
        cant reach out for you
                 and I cry inside
        at this.
If I had wings
        Id pick you up
        carry you so far away
        from these prisons
                 these pointless wars
        away from the edge,
        Id set you free
And dance.
        hidden among the stars.
We could laugh,
        and I could listen.
Anna listening in the 'Black Box'--Churchill High School
The force that pulls us together
The power that overcomes even gravity;
the beating of a heart
that conquers reason,
defeats understanding,
quells doubt
so why am I doubting still?
Gravity takes no faith
it is proven as we stand
held to the earth.
is it not proven
as we stand held by each other?
Megan, Deb, & Anna--December 1999 at St. Olaf
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