Anna...Painting with words
Below are some samples of the many things Anna wrote.
Please do not use them without the permission of her family. Thank you!
Outside the Lines

Only when I am supposed
     to be sleeping
  can I write the dance
of language in my head.
While the night sky
                whispers lullabies
           and babies sigh
my mind waltzes furiously
             outside the lines.
Anna painting in the air, Detroit, MI
Nothing Stirs

Nothing stirs.
There is no sound
But the silent fall of gentleness
Star dust streaming to earth
And covering the ground
In a soft blanket of purity. Costuming trees
As serene and beautiful giants
Stretching long arms heavenward.
I close my eyes,
Lift my face to the sky
And feel the kisses of angels
Melting at my touch.
Anna, age 6, in the backyard, Detroit, MI

my chin tilts toward the sky
imagination carving shapes from
                   marshmallow clouds
I wiggle painted toes
          in the sunshine
and dream of all I wish to be.
"Naked feet
are happy feet!"
Anna, 12, barefoot in the backyard, Livonia, MI
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