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You loved the sunshine, flowers,
walking barefoot in the grass
and everything else most
   people take for granted

You were warm, thoughtful,
   and most of all kind

I don’t understand why
   God took you back
The world needs more
   people like you

I wish that I had gotten
the chance to tell you
that I loved you—one last time

It breaks my heart that
I’ll never hear you laugh
   or sing again
You had the voice of
   an angel

Summer won’t be the same
   without you Anna

And neither will we.

  Love Always, Justin
Anna, 16, and Justin in the CAPA production of "Picnic"
For Anna

   You were so loved.
Everyone who knew you was
enchanted by your gentle demeanor

You had a way of making people
feel good about themselves
   when they were with you
   I’ll miss that the most
Hey, Anna,
     when you said “Goodbye” in January,
     I never thought that you meant forever.
I thought I’d see you again with your bare feet,
     your twinkling laughter, your hugs --- and
     your subtle, but, oh so smart, commentaries on life.
I never knew that your silly stance (“Hey, Ms. Mack, it’s warm
     if you will it”)….me defying the cold…you barefoot in my
     dining room in winter, would really be “goodbye” this time for last.
Yes, the weather has been cold. It seems to settle somewhat…
          I cannot.
The days go on --- night to day, and day to night….
          I cannot.
In the background, I hear babies laughing, giggling…
          I cannot.
And I sit and ponder why a life so poignant, so hopeful,
     and set to the stars ---- and soaring in the clouds,
     is left to say a mere “goodbye” in my dining room.
I also wonder why I have to do taxes tonight,
     why a car that is rented has to cost me more insurance,
     why applications, bills, cleaning, yardwork, report cards,
     pep assemblies and the stock market---ever mean anything.
    ………except ľ’s of my life.
Life….are we living, or
we dead?

You, Anna, lived—
     loved the air, the birds, the sun,
     the land (your bare feet)

You loved to create, to envision what was not ---
     to explore the past (Anne Frank)
     and, knew what had to be painted anew.

A new horizon---
     of humanity - of loving this earth – of daring to
     take off one’s shoes.
     To sing melodies unsung –
     to merge, to love, to truly exist –
          This was, and
is still you, Anna.

My mindless papers can sit and grow cobwebs.
     I refuse to grow another gray hair over
     mandate man-made orders.
But I will learn to love and appreciate the earth again
     with your spirit abounding.
     I will learn to live and know what
     loving and living is again
          all about.
                            ---Gail Susan Mack 04/08/01
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