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My Friend
      by James Cargill

What do I say?
What is there?
You’re gone in a bloom,
and it’s not real.
It’s all a dream.
the biggest,
worst dream of my life. I don’t know.

I want to tell everyone, scream:

Look! Look here!
Here’s my amazing, beautiful friend.
See how lovely she is?
See the daises in her hair?
You should talk to her,
you should just have a chat.
She won’t preach,
but man oh man
she’ll make you believe there’s beauty in the world,
better than any rose she ever got.
You should have seen her up there,
my beautiful friend,
who knew more than any 5 senses could ever tell you.
New York Memories
                     by Bruce

It was a wonderful time for me …
          seeing and doing things together,
     getting to know each other better.

Every day we were together
          was so beautiful, so special,
     and meant so much to me …

The good feelings we shared,
          the laughter, the secrets,
     were all so wonderful that I cannot
          help but wish we could do it all over again.

While you may have been embarrassed,
          I was truly flattered ….

     that someone might have thought
          I was lucky enough to be with someone …

             So charming …

                So beautiful …

                   So gentle …

                      So utterly amazing!

I will keep every little thing
     about this special time together …
          every place, every smile,
               every hug …

          Like a precious memory
               in my heart.
Bruce taking Anna to her first Broadway show--December 2000
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