Anna...reflected in the words of others
The Limestones, St. Olaf College
Words and Music by Marcus Hanson, March 2001
...written in memory of Anna, Chris and Sally

Here on the Hill where we met,
We shared a time in our lives we won’t forget.
And now you go, and I must stay.
But I know that we will meet again someday.

So I’ll take with me the pictures,
And the melody of your song.
I’ll always have the memories
To last my whole life long.
And even though you’ve gone so far away,
I know that we will meet again someday.

You made me laugh, you showed me love.
You helped me to have trust and faith in God above.
And when my road seems too long,
I think of you and find the strength to carry on.
And though the time that we shared on this hill wasn’t long.
It’s with a smile that I look back on time so real.
And even though it’s hard to say to someone, “I love you”,
I’ll take the chance, so you will know just how I feel.
I know that you’re still here with me today…
I know that you are safe with God today…

How to express sympathy, empathy, distress, sorrow,
       any emotion at all
          is suddenly outweighed by the life she lived.

To say Anna was a glimmer of grace and beauty
       would not do anyone justice. She was a jewel.

Each moment of her life was lived to the fullest,
       passionate and pure, determined and true.
With a deep connection of faith, Anna glided through life.
Her smiles were never in vain,
       every ounce of her being poured into those smiles.
Every song on her lips was also
       a song from her heart and her soul.
Every sweet word uttered was tender and touching.
Never a moment wasted, never a dream unpursued,
       never a feeling left unfelt, Anna lived it all.

To say she touched lives
       cannot measure the amount or the capacity
To say she was talented
       cannot begin to express the gifts God bestowed
To say she had faith
       cannot describe the deep-rooted love for her Savior
To say she loved cannot explain what she lived

Anna was a constant encouragement, a joy,
       a sister I can never forget.
From the days of “pretend” with magic wands
       and princess personalities
to the dances on stage and the flowers of support
To the journals shared in the high school halls
And the makeup applied before each dance
Anna and Allison connected.

And to list what we shared could never be done,
there was a heart connection only the Lord above could give
And on this day my sister went home, I am left here to remember

Remember her inspiration, her joy, her sheer passion for life.
her dedication to her family and friends, most of all her Savior.
A page turns in the book of life, but it is one not nearly empty
Overflowing with life lived full.
Anna, my sister, I love you.

Allison Joy                                                    March 18, 2001
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