Anna & Family...The Early Years
Grandma D (Dorothy Gullixson), Great-Grammy Erickson, Anna @ 7 mos., and her dad
Newborn Baby Anna with
Grandma Norma (Stewart), 5/81
Uncle Paul (Gullixson) with
Anna, 7 months, 12/81
Aunt Cherie & Cousin Jonathan
with Deb and Anna (15 mos.)
GG & Farfar (Gloria and P.K. Bonde)
with Anna @ 18 months, 11/82
Great Grandma Tate & Anna, almost 2
Grandpa Ray (Stewart) with Baby Megan
and Anna, almost 3
Farmor (Great Grandmother Bonde)
with Anna, 3, and Megan, 6 months
Anna, 6, in Aunt Kathy Gullixson's
Wedding, 8/87
Uncle Rick (Bonde) with Anna, age 9
From left: Uncle Dave & Sara Bogart, Jonathan Hartley, Bruce Nieman, Anna (age 14), Deb, and Megan
August 1995
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