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This is WONDERFUL! ...as I read what Anna wrote and read everything she was able to accomplish in her short time - I am so struck by how much she really did live life to the fullest. She noticed things and cherished things that most people don't even pay any attention to. We are all so busy we don't/can't/won't take the time to appreciate the things that really do make life worth living. She had a wonderful ability to do that. I keep trying to be more like her.
thanks for sending this debra.  i must admit that visiting it is still unbearably heartbreaking.  once anna's in your heart, she's in your heart.
best wishes, gary

    Life's transitions are difficult when we lose someone as precious as Anna at such a young age.   Where would she be now? What would she be doing? How would her success impact our lives and others? Unanswered questions linger in our hearts. In the near 3-years since Anna left us I still shake my head in disbelief at our loss, at this world's loss.  She will forever be "almost 20."  As our lives change and flow in different ways we will have her smile to remember and rekindle the "used to bes" and the "coulda-shouldas."
   Oh, but Anna is more than past tense!   I have called upon Anna these past 3 years to intervene with a dying young person or family member.  I've asked her to be there at their side, to show them the path and glory she undoubtedly has reached.  Surely, our Anna is singing, dancing, writing, creating and guiding.....and during the intermissions, she is resting her head on the shoulder of her Lord and Savior.  Thank-you, Anna Angel!
            Carol Johnson
             Mom of Anna's friend, Allison Joy
The web site is incredible. I read every word about Anna and by Anna. I am moved so much. I miss her too .... What a great tribute to an amazing woman...
                  Much love ~ Nance
  The words about Anna are such a tribute to the wonderful young woman she was, but the words by Anna reflect a soul much older than "almost 20".  Her life span was way too short, but her legacy is monumental. 
   I will share this website with each and every person important in my life because I know it will touch them as it has me.  Her love of life, family, friends, and God are reflected in everything she wrote.  Such perfection is undoubtedly resting at God's right hand.
I went to Anna's website and spent a good deal of time reading all her writings.  What an amazing young woman and what a crushing loss to all of you who loved her.  Her mother has done a wonderful job of bringing her to life.  Anna angel indeed!
    Love,  B

   I am a friend of Anna's from CAPA. I have been to your website several times, and it always moves me to tears. She was truly the most beautiful person that I've ever known. She was always so positive, sweet and caring. She inspired me in ways that she never even knew. I grew up without much faith, never really going to church and never really knowing what to believe. Anna spoke of her faith in the most beautiful way - never pushy or preachy. After I graduated, from Anna's encouragement, I sought out a church. I am happy to say that I now work at a Lutheran Church as the Director of Family Ministries, and my faith has helped me through many personal tragedies. Without Anna as an inspiration, I don't know if I ever would have found my way to God and have the relationship with Him that I do now....
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